Your Rural Water Dist. 3 Rogers County staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!

District Manager - Ricky D. Stull


  • Graduate of Business Management Central State University Edmond, OK

1978 - 1987

  • Oil and Gas Landman
  • Phillips Petroleum
  • City Service Oil and Gas


  • OSP/Wiltel

July 2005 - Present

  • District Manager - Rural Water District # 3 Rogers County
  • Member of Rural Water District No. 3, Rogers County since 1989.

Who We Are - Office Personnel

Donna joined RWD #3 in December, 1993.  Donna sells taps, processes transfers, processes work orders and serves in many other office duties. 

Esther joined RWD #3 in March, 1998.  Esther sells taps, processes transfers, handles developments and extensions and serves in many other office duties. 

Bonnie joined RWD #3 in August, 2000.  Bonnie is the Districts bookkeeper.  She handles all the insurance and financial duties of the District.

Lisa joined RWD #3 in March, 2006.  Lisa sells new taps, processes transfers, submits locates and gathers all information for accounts payable and receivable for the monthly board meetings. 

Bobbie joined RWD #3 in February, 2009.  She oversees the website maintenance, all online transactions, ACH payments, ITron, FDM, FCS and MVRS maintenance, and serves in many other office duties. 

Jill joined RWD #3 in November, 2017.  In addition to being our cheerful front desk receptionist Jill receives payments, sells taps, processes transfers and serves in many other office duties.


Who We Are - Field Personnel

Steve Newcomb
Steve Newcomb is our Plant/Field Supervisor.  He had 5 years previous employment with RWD #3 and returned in January of 2006. He has worked his way to this position from a field worker to our first water treatment plant superintendent and now supervises both the plant and field workers for the District. He came to the District with a Bachelors degree in Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University and over 20 years of experience in the Nuclear Power industry.

Derrick joined RWD #3 in May, 2000 as a field / plant operator.

Roger joined RWD #3 in March, 2004 as a field / plant operator.

James joined RWD #3 in March, 2010 as a field / plant operator.

Travis joined RWD #3 in September, 2015 as a field / plant operator.

Bailey joined RWD #3 in April, 2016 as a field / plant operator.

Matt joined RWD #3 in April, 2017 as a field / plant operator.

Business Personnel

Donna Sells taps, processes transfers & processes work orders
Esther Sells taps, processes transfers & Developments/Extensions
Bonnie District Bookkeeper
Lisa Sells taps, processes transfers & AP/AR Reporting
Bobbie Web Administrator, online payments, ACH payments, ITron & MVRS maintenance
Megan Receptionist, accepts payments, sells taps & processes transfers.
Ricky D. Stull District Manager  

Operations Personnel

Plant/Field Supervisor Steve Newcomb  
Senior plant operator Derrick  
Field / plant operator Roger  
Field / plant operator James  
Field / plant operator Travis  
Field / plant operator Baily